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Szechuan cuisine originating from Sichuan, China and it is well know by its spiciness. Despite the image of being spicy, the traditional Chinese culinary is well composed with seven basic flavors: Sour, pungent, hot, sweet, bitter, aromatic, and salty. Land of plenty is the finest restaurant in the metro city area that bring you the culinary art and all of flavors above. Come, and taste the true essence of Szechuan cuisine.

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Dine in menu

It's the best Chinese food I've had in upper Manhattan to date. So 5 stars for that. I bet that it would compare well with some of the places out in Flushing. I actually dined in at the restaurant, which I would recommend. I always find that the take-out or delivery experience ruins the food. Service was very good for a Chinese restaurant, although the waiter stood at the table and looked at our tip after picking up our bill, which I thought was rude.


                                                 -  James W.

Geographically located just outside of my normal lunch perimeter, I was introduced to Land of Plenty by a friend. I am now a fan.


For some reason, the Sichuan choices taste just a bit better than the other local options. The hot & sour soup was a tad spicier (and better), chicken & broccoli a bit more flavorful...


There are funky menu items that I will not try ("Braised frogs w/ pickled chili") but all of your typical Asian lunch-special options are there.

Typical lunch specials are in the $9-11 range (entree, rice, soup).


Placed a multi-person order for pick-up and they got every order right. That's saying a lot.


                                                 -  Abe C.


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